Blinds can cause child strangulation and choking by loops in pull cords, chains, tapes and inner cords that are used to operate window blinds.

To avoid strangulation, keep the control cords out of the reach of children in order to avoid them being wrapped around a child’s neck. Move any furniture, beds and cots and any accessible step up away from the control cords.

Do not tie cords together. Do not twist the control cords and create a loop.

Mirage Blinds recommends the following blinds be installed in areas where small children may be present since they contain no loose cords or loops.

Perfect Fit Blinds
Spring Controlled Roller Blinds
Vertical Blinds With Wand Control
The following blinds should be installed with an appropriate safety device

Vertical:cord tidy on operating cords
Roller: cord tidy or breakaway connector on operatingcords
Roman:cord tidy or breakaway connector on operating cords
Pleated:cord safety tassel on operating cords

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